NATURA DA VIVERE Tour Operator, bears from the experience of A.R.D.E.A. that from more than twenty years works in the responsible and supportable tourism sector. We have begun our activity in 1985 offering to schools and to their students trips and projects of environmental education, in parks and protected areas of Tuscany, and organising summer holidays linked to the knowledge of  the natural environment and to the sport activities in nature.
We are specialised in ecotourism: trips in the nature and culture of Tuscany, where nature can still emotively involve the traveller.
Our staff is composed by professional of tourism and environment, all environmental guides for trekking and experts that perfectly knows the proposed itineraries, with a great experience on their shoulders of group conducing and that can satisfy every need and solve any problem.

Our travels address to all those that, single or couples, families or groups, are linked by the desire of a different holiday, different from the classical canons of organised tourism.
To put more in sight the nature spirit of our trips, when there is the possibility, we propose moving with crafts that have a lower environmental impact, like trekking and bike riding, so we can let the traveller to perceive the emotions and the more intense sensations that those natural places communicate.
The proposed localities are the most hidden places of a "secret Tuscany", one of the most beautiful and researched regions in the world, far from metropolitan areas.

Packages are all made in "Natura da Vivere", experimented by our guides, and the structures are selected on quality to offer always the best, and on compatibily with the environment and the local culture. These are structures with family managing where the owner always manifests a great spirit of hosting, typical of people of Tuscany. All used structures guarantee the necessary comforts for a good holiday that can bring the traveller in contact with the local realities and cultures (typical kitchen, craftsmanship, art and folk traditions...)

Our agency is associated with AITR, the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism: during our  trips we are always in contact with the local population, to appreciate and comprehend the habits, live with them and live like them even if for a short period. Our groups are always little and composed by very motivated people, looking for new emotions and contacts with men and nature. Our presence on territory never has a negative impact, but in fact...


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